Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Alrights, I think there's something to be clear now. To Zz, well. You say I copied but didn't what I copied. I know I changed layouts, but think. So what if I changed. Just because of those tags tt you said I must changed. Im a very lazy t change blogskin human. Oh. Yah, I even change th colour of mixpod & tagboard. You dirty my tagboard, got it. Yah, I didn't say how great my english was, nobody cares why for you come & care all this stuff. & super ridiculous, I almost fell off with Angela. Is this wt you want? Making me lose a friend & earn more enemies? Now, later part, you which eyes see me copying, which eyes see Cheryl copying. & worst now, Patty also kena. What are passerby for. You bloghop t people blog & start t give comments like this. You say you won't know if I'm purpose one or accidentally one, I don't need you t know at all. (: You're obviously helping Angela. Why don't want admit leh. You're regular bloghopper of whose blog. Her's? Why never leave tag. Tsktsk. You can say me all as you like, you are just entertaining me okay. (: When say people copied, state it down. Don't just go around people's blog & say nonsense. I don't mind you leaving tag at my blog from now onwards. Yes, I was hurt yesterday but no more now. & please leave Cheryl alone. Patty's blog, I don't know who spam. She is using tumblr, how am she going t copy someone who is using blog. Gosh. Or is it someone who is using tumblr. Th people who spam know yeah. If you think spamming is great, just go to & create one. You can spam & ban yourself. Don't get addicted okay. (: You ask me use my brain & think. Why don't you use your's & think what if people sudden leave a tag saying you copied this & that when you don't have & make a big fuss about it, how'll you feel? & most importantly, your friend somemore. This feelings was totally bad yeah. Use your brain & I'll use mine. Don't let our brain cells die off. ((: